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The Zen of Servitude

andrea65 | 01.28.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy feels that a sissy always has something to learn,that s.he never knows all the wisdom of servitude that can be imparted to he.r by a Superior. This whole concept of servitude definitely starts in the mind,once the sissy knows in he.r mind then s.he can be receptive to learning how to best please the Superiors thats s.he is serving,whether it be be by doing menial tasks such as cleaning house, laundry, or cooking meals, s.he needs to know that her purpose is to serve and make the Superiors life as easy as possible so they can concentrate on important things, like what to buy their sissy to wear, rules to follow, discipline,and lets not forget how they desire to be pleased in a physical way.

The sissy should take initiative to not only do house work but to know when they need to be kneeling upon their knees to provide physical relief to their Superior and whomever the Superior deems to need service from the sissy and the limitations of what they are allowed to do in relieving them. Of course with the direct superior there are no boundaries to cross,because in the proper state of mind the sissy shouldnt have any reservations about whatever they are told,not asked,to do.

The proper sissy reaction is to do without thinking why,be ause the sissy has no decisions to make just actions to take. This sissy is in her best state of mind when told what to do and especially realizes he.r place when she is on her knees as s.he should be servicing her superior with whatever part of the body the superior chooses to use to satisfy their desires and should profusely thank them for using their body and making decisions for them. This sissy slut feels that this is the essence or zen of servitude to a superior.


  1. Madame Stewart

    “This sissy always has something to learn”. Now that statement there will get you far honey – as service becomes your passion, you will be able to anticipate the needs of your Superior. Great job!

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