Aunt Flo

First visit from Aunt Flo

nicole67 | 01.28.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Womens Studies

Dear Mistress,

Even if this sissy had tampons and pads in bathroom previously, s.he learned that this special monthly event changes the life of Superior Women in many ways. This sissy is proud that s.he will share the same experiences as all other Women when becoming their periods like getting accustomed to wear tampons and changing them, getting accustomed to wear pads all time, drinking a lot to force a bloated feeling, marking the menstruation cycle in the calendar to be prepared and to ensure that future activities were planned wisely … this sissy feels more feminine with menstrual cycle … s.he can’t wait to step further and in the long run to manage the six days of a period similiar to each women does

sissy nicole


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