Aunt Flo

First visit from Aunt Flo

wendy4313 | 01.28.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Womens Studies

Curtsey Mistress’s of the House

After sissy wendy’s first sissy visit from Aunt Flo wendy now is beginning to understand better what a Real Woman goes through every month and is sorry now about the way they had joked about it in the past, Only my first of what will be many periods and sissy feels so much more in touch with her sissy side Thank you Mistress’s of the House for helping me learn this valuable lesson. I never really knew what it was like to have a constant need to pee every 30 minutes or less until I drank all the water every day and the constant feeling of having something in sissy’s anal vagina that wanted to get out from wearing the tampons in it 24/7 was unique felling also. The wearing of the pads was not too hard to get use to since wendy loves to wear a diaper so was use to the felling of bulk between their legs. Below is a day by day of what wendy did to try and simulate to her best ability what the lesson was about

Day one
sissy wendy received her letter from Aunt Flo the day before Christmas and had to run out to the store and get her supplies. s.he was a bit embarrassed to place the items on the counter and have them rung up especially because wendy made sure s.he picked a line with a nice looking male behind the counter. Once wendy got home s.he took a nice long bath really starting to enjoy baths over the shower and then proceeded to place her first tampon in to sissy’s anal vagina then placed a maxi pad with wings into her panties and slipped them up making sure that sissy’s clit was properly tucked down into the pad. wendy then took some deep heat rub and placed some on both breast’s and nipples and then took a bra and put it on after tucking some dish scrubbing pads into each cup so that they irritated her nipples and went about her day remembering to drink at least 1 gallon of warm water she also took some water pills and 2 different types of laxative one slow acting and one that was a stimulant this caused some nice cramping for the next 2 hours and had sissy going to the powder room about every 30 to 45 minutes to pee. sissy remembered to change her pad every 4 hours or sooner if it had a mess on it and her tampon every 4 hours or when she had to poo. Just before wendy went to bed she induced 4 oz. Of water into her sissy anal vagina and then put in a fresh tampon to hold it in all night and re applied a heavy amount of deep heat rub to sissy’s nipples and breasts.

Day two
Sissy did not get much sleep she was constantly having to go sit on the toilet and pee when s.he finally got up for the day sissy changed her now well wetted tampon and pad and proceeded into day 2 taking a double dose of chocolate laxative at 6 a.m. by 7:30 s.he was experiencing some good cramping but probably nowhere near what a Real Woman feels all their life. Felt a bit sad all day was Christmas sissy was all alone and then received the mail stating it was to be sissy’s special day but could not play with my sissy clit and taste my fresh slut juice due to Aunt Flo’s visit, will miss my next special day also. Placed some strawberry jelly in on one of my pads when changing and wore it for the next 4 hours (picture after wear included with report}. Nipples are feeling nice and swollen with the continued use of deep heat and the pads in sissy’s bra have been reapplying rub every other change. All of this water is sure going to clean out sissy’s kidneys

Day three
sissy has decided to try and induce a better cramp today and will be taking a small 4 oz. M&M (Milk and Molasses) douse in their sissy vagina today. Okay sissy continues to wear her Tampons and pads, and to keep their nipples in a state of irritation, at about noon sissy did a 4 ounce M&M douche in their anal vagina and after the initial explosive empting inserted 2 tampons to make sure there was no leakage. Had nice serve cramps for about 4 hours after glad I did not use the 8 ounces that the recipe called for forgot how bad this mixture makes one cramp and produce gas had to change my pad about every 1 to 2 hours due to the leaking even with tampons inserted. sissy also continued to drink at least a gallon of water.

Day four
Continued to wear pads and tampons and applied some pancake syrup into my pads two times during the day. sissy’s nipples are really feeling raw after 4 days of deep heat to them and the constant pressure of the bra and pads tucked into them. This was to be another special day for sissy sorry s.he had to miss it also. Looking forward to Wednesday my next day want to see what my sissy juice will taste like after all this water I have drank.

Day five
wendy is glad that her first visit is over after today, and does not look forward to the next one knowing it will be heaver flow wise, sissy needs to take out stock in the famine products industry at almost 20 dollars a month to keep themselves adequately protected, wonder if I can buy in bulk somewhere. But sissy had indeed learned a very valuable lesson on her journey to being a true sissy and again wishes to thank the Mistress’s of this House for helping to train me.

Hugs and kisses wendy


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