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Elementary wanking

nicole67 | 03.04.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - sissySexuality

Dear Mistress,

Last week this sissy had h.er special day and made some steps further in elementary wanking. Wearing h.er panties and being plugged s.he put on h.er black stockings, a bra and high heels to feel more feminine while s.he was moving h.er little sissy-clit with two fingers. This time this sissy was lying on h.er back, trying to get the plow pose to be able to squirt her girly juice into h.er mouth, and yes, most of h.er girly juice found the way directly into h.er mouth so s.he could taste and swallow h.er warm and salty girly juice immediatly like a real girl does. Accurately s.he collected with h.er fingers the remaining girly juice from h.er face and licked it of h.er fingers.

This sissy wants to thank Ms. Stewart for h.er special day

Love and kisses
sissy nicole


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