Worship Your Mistress

The Zen of Servitude

missymaid | 02.19.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

The way a sissy thinks and presents her self have an impact on her feminization. A sissy should keep her conscious thoughts focused on all aspects of feminization at all times. This will allow her to train her subconscious and eventually be feminine at all times. Being conscious of her thoughts, feelings, appearance, actions and attitude is vital. With this training she will also allow her to be better at servicing such as cooking or cleaning. sissy will also be more respectful and caring of all others. This will ultimately allow her to serve and worship her Mistress and Superiors the way she should.

Today after making sure sissy was wearing her panties under her work uniform she made sure the morning dishes were done before going to work. sissy did this so the three Superior Women of the house would not have to concern themselves with this chores. It is snowing heavily where sissy lives so once at work she made sure the Superior Women of the office would be able to arrive home safely at the end of the day offering to drive any of them home. Sissy knows this isn’t much but she saw these opportunities as a good start. Thank you Mistress and Staff for this opportunity.



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