Faster sissy boy!

Changing over

femmeeducator | 04.10.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

I have always been in charge, both at work as a banker, and at home as a father and husband. It was only after my divorce (three years ago), that I imagined giving up this power. I am seeking honesty, discipline, and advice from a mistress! I do have a Masters Degree, but I need to learn so much more!I am very honest and sincere, and admit to being somewhat nervous in this new life! I am looking for any guidance that you can offer me… Sincerely, robin


  1. Madame Stewart

    Uh oh. Here’s Our retired educator who doesn’t know how to do an Assignment, or to fill out a Report. Additionally – the constant discussion of how “powerful” you were is becoming tiring robin. First an educator. Now a banker. Listen. You joined the House of Sissify. We already know you have no power. Why hold onto it? Why have you not read about Proper Correspondence Etiquette when it’s linked on EVERY PAGE of the House? Why did you not start with your foundational assignments as required and described in your Welcome Letter? Are you above this? And should do whatever you want, whenever you want to? Oh! I see – you want to make up your own Assignments so you can tell everyone how powerful you were. Well honey, you are now no more than a pathetic sissy who can’t even follow instructions. To the Confessional to you for contrition!

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