shoes of service

Servitude & Respect

bmonica | 02.26.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

dearest Mistress and House Superiors,

This sissy has spent he.r first week reading and learning he.r proper place in life as it relates to serving those Superior to sissy and to respect all females this sissy comes in contact with. s.he already realizes that when sh.e is out in stores s.he does not look the women s.he encounters directly in the eyes but glances downward. sissy monica understands it takes commitment, learning and punishment to grow and excel in he.r studies to be worthy to serve those Superior to this sissy. and from what sissy monica has studied in her readings there is so much to learn. thank you Mistress and House Superiors for this wonderful privilege to learn and be trained. sissy has also begun to learn to be a better housekeeper and will shortly have her maids uniform to reinforce her domestic duties in sissy’s apartment.

respectfully submitted


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