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sissy-adriana | 02.24.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Womens Studies

Dear Mistress Stewart,

sissy adriana is starting on assignments. S.he is exited and overwhelmed at the possibilities of the House of Sissify. Besides the assignment Zen of Servitude, which in opinion cannot be done overnight, sissy adriana started with the assignment sissyLounge. S.he thinks that this is one of the most important steps to express femininity.

The first part is already deeply implemented in sissy adriana’s mind. s.he never pees while standing. sissy adriana is deeply grateful for the good guidance and education mother gave her back at childhood. At home, peeing while standing was probably the worst crime we children could make. Why doing it in public when it is strictly prohibited at home? Of course, sissy adriana had several times tried it in the past but often felt uneasy and nervous standing there – especially with someone peeing just next to it. At that times sissy adriana would rather hold it in or change to a stall to make unfinished business. Soon, sissy adriana realised that it is much more comfortable for to do it while sitting properly, just like any girl does.

sissy adriana is highly pleased and always excited when entering her private sissy lounge at home. S.he especially loves the shower curtain and the nice colours screaming femininity. The sissy is so proud and excited to share private sissy lounge to You. Please see the photo attached. You may note the always ready panty liners and the inside behind the mirror. The pile of cloth in the sink is waiting to be hand washed – a task sissy adriana is going to do this evening before enjoying Special Day.

However, sissy adriana realises that s.he has not completely finished this training. When outside, be it at work or shopping or somewhere, sissy adriana still does not carry a purse – well some manly bag but that definitly does not count as a handbag. So adriana does not have important things nearby such as hand lotion, lip stick or balm or fresh panty liners, which would be necessary to fulfil the assignment to the letter until the end.

Do You have any suggestions for sissy adriana, what handbags might be suitable as a start to carry while outside trying to be a man? This sissy is deeply grateful for any feedbacks in that matter.

Many thanks and greetings
sissy adriana


Tinkle at Work


  1. Madame Stewart

    What a great report adriana! First, the pink elements in your personal ‘sissylounge’ are darling! But the real clincher is seeing your photo with your panties and nylons under your ‘male drab’ with those smooth sissy legs! Girls! Take note, as this is how you should all be at work!

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