debi | 03.04.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy has been shaving for many years now and still finds it very feminizing. This most recent shaving was done after not shaving for about a month. It feels like removing any vestige of maleness and gives this sissy such a girly feeling. So much so that this sissy’s sissy clit began to ooze precum, which of course this sissy lapped up.

These feelings are exceeded only by the exquisite feelings of pulling up a pair of nylon panties over a smooth shaved pair of legs and tushie. By the time this sissy has put on her bra and pantyhose she is in sissy girl heaven. This sissy looks in the full length mirror and says, “you are an effeminate pantywaist sissy transvestite.” This sissy is proud of this affirmation, it is truly what she is. This sissy will strive to shave more frequently in the future.

This sissy is very grateful to be enlightened with the information You have provided, She will take it to heart and strive to be a sissy that any Woman would be proud to own.

submissively and respectfully Yours,



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