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New Year’s Resolution

danielle-pariseau | 02.01.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Getting Real

Dear Ms. Stewart,

The new year is often a time of inner conflict. Many of us wish to make a change, and most of us end up looking back in December thinking, “It’s already been another year since i resolved to be better.” January and February frequently become the months of broken promises and failed dreams.

This year, this sissy is setting one modest goal: to urinate in a sitting position 100% of the time. Too frequently, s.he still allows he.r feeble male persona to take the short cut of not properly unbuttoning he/r trousers, turning he.r back to the toilet and sitting properly. Therefore, s.he resolves to make the concerted effort of following the directives in The sissyLounge assignment, beginning with the proper posture for peeing. When s.he remembers to do so, s.he always feels more comfortable and proper, while understanding that s.he is training he.rself to make a Superior Female happy.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and this sissy’s journey is beginning right here, right now, with this single, attainable step.

With respectful curtseys,

sissy slut danielle pariseau


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