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sissy maid 101

andrea65 | 04.08.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Domestic Duties

This sissy has completed he.r assignment on sissy maid 101 domestic duties. This sissy must say that it is one of the most challenging things s.he has done. Spending he.r day in 5 or 6 inch heels going about the daily tasks of domestication is definitely something to put this sissy in the servitude frame of mind and reinforces place on the pecking order.

Going to and fro from one task to another s.he did not realize how many steps a sissy maid will have to take to accomplish chores. The heels definitely are a reminder of how much moving from one place to another as the hours go on and feet remind her that this is just another aspect of being a lowly sissy as feet,calves and legs struggle to withstand the rigors of domestic servitude. From standing in one place to wash dishes to cleaning bathrooms, dusting and vacuuming the floors your legs scream for some relief but this sissy goes on through knowing that a Superior isnt worried about the sissy maids aches and pains – just that they are there at the┬áSuperiors beck and call and that their chores are completed by their properly dressed and mannered sissy maid.

At the end of the day the sissy maid should be proud that s.he has served her Superior to the best of ability and the aches and pains of the walking in high heels was worth the sacrifice since superior has been well.served and satisfied in whatever way they choose regardless of how the sissy maid feels afterwards because it just reinforces the sissy maids thoughts and actions and reminds of her place on the pecking order as s.he works the aches and pains of the day out in anticipation of tomorrow and another day of servitude to Superior.


  1. lana ros

    Being a maid is heavy duty and it is well described. But from the report is pouring, or at least this sissy humbly feels so, that iconic erotic vibration of maid. A fetish ­čÖé

  2. Madame Stewart

    So good to see you focus on your Domestics andrea. That’s where the jewel is! Have you ever heard the saying “The fastest way to a Mans heart is through his stomach”? Well honey, the Fastest way to a Mistress’s heart is by deep cleaning!

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