A sissy serves her Superior
frillian | 02.09.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy curtsies deeply to all Mistresses of The House and begs leave to submit he.r report on th Zen of Servitude.

This sissy is without a Mistress at this time. This sissy did have a Mistress and underwent some training but regretfully the Mistress sought to introduce a Master without informing the sissy and who the sissy took to be undesirable. This sissy prays that the Mistresses of the House will forgive this disobedience. This sissy deeply desires to be trained and to become mindlessly obedient. This sissy has already posted in the chat room how s.he was trained to give a deep curtsey when receiving an order and when a Superior enters the room.

In confirmation of this sissy’s pre-existing attitude this sissy would humbly Mistresses to her profile and the caption to it which was written before even this sissy read the Zen of Servitude, namely, “Prim and Proper with servitude”. This sissy continues to practice he.r curtsy on a daily basis.

This sissy has read and understood  Mistresses definition of Servitude and it is a definition that this sissy willingly embraces. However, this sissy must confess that s.he does suffer the occasional rebellious streak and therefore this sissy is glad to be under House control. S.he desperately aspires to the standards set by the House and hopes that if he.r rebelliousness is ever repeated the Mistresses will crush it without mercy.
This sissy can carry out most of the tasks required by the Zen of Servitude but realises that there is always room for improvement and this sissy will strive to improve. This sissy is not skilled at the art of cunnilingus or fellatio and is intending to practice fellatio as instructed elsewhere when s.he is privileged enough to be granted masturbation privileges for the first time. This sissy is anxious to explore new avenues and to improve.

On keeping up appearances (hopefully this is nothing to do with Hyacinth Bucket of the Television show with the same name on Lion television) this sissy refers again to he.r caption “Prim and proper…..” And is now cementing such behaviour into he.r everyday life. This sissy very much appreciates the etiquette requirements of the House. Referring to he.rself as “this sissy” so frequently AIDS the sissy to remember he.r lowly position and reminds he.r to keep he.rself there. This sissy sees it as a most helpful form of self brainwashing and this sissy embraces it.

This sissy continues to practice he.r walking, sitting, kneeling and punishment positions and understands fully the need to keep her head lowered and in a subjugated position.

This sissy will do he.r utmost to serve and obey all women but seeks the guidance of the House as to how s.he should behave when a Superior e.g. a shop assistant needlessly “outs” the sissy when shopping. Should the Superior behave like that and how should the sissy react?

This sissy makes obeisance to all Superiors and humbly submits he.r report for consideration.


  1. A well done report honey. What to do when “outed” by a sales lady? Smile! Say “Of course they’re for me – i’m a sissy in training at the House of Sissify”. And if you ever need a note to hand them, just let one of the Staff know – and We’ll write a personal note for the saleslady for you.

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