Shaving on a regular basis

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Dear Mistress Stewart, dear Staff

Sissy adriana has been shaving regularly for the last three weeks. This sissy thinks that s.he implemented shaving body on a regular basis. S.he experienced that every time sissy adriana needs to be highly concentrated especially on the sensitive parts around the nipples and near boypussy.

It is not always a pleasant task to be done. Sometimes sissy adriana thinks that it is just an annoying waste of time. However, sissy adriana continued shaving and now it is just something unspectacular task that needs to be done – but non the less one that adriana wants to be done. Due to this thinking, sissy adriana assumes that s.he is ready to report the Shaving Assignment parts one and two as completed. Sadly, sissy adriana does not benefit from the critical review. S.he hopes that the attached photo evidence proves the quality of the completed task as a substitution.
This sissy has learnt that proper skin care is crutial to look and feel pretty. This sissy has learnt that shaving is a task to be done regularly. This sissy must contiunue shaving also during spring and summer. Sissy adriana may resubmit in June or July.

sissy adriana


legs my beautiful boypussy


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