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rubyjo | 02.09.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - sissySexuality


sissy rubyjo has been plugged since aunt Flo visited. rubyjo was unable to take plug with on the plane with the increase in body scanning, could not be delayed or miss the flight, Mistress would be very upset!

The tuesday schedule wanking went well as rubyjo did take the cum and lick it from the plate as ordered. the taste was salty but sweet and Mistress approved of the 2 finger process. Thank you House of Sissify¬†for the story that excited rubyjo enough to cum as ordered. rubyjo will submit pictures of thursday’s event to complete the assignment properly, rubyjo sincerely apologizes for the incomplete report and will document all future assignments where possible. If there is need of further documentation for the future please tell rubyjo what is needed by the House of Sissify.

sissy rubyjo




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