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sissyslavekaren | 04.01.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

Illustrious Mistress Stewart

This sissy would like to submit her first assignment report and hopes you find it suitable as none of the listed categories included the ‘servitude’ section which she is responding to

The communications etiquette section this sissy finds extremely useful in eroding the last vestiges of ego and self importance as although at the moment she is having to consider very carefully her choice of phrase and sometimes has to re-write she is sure soon it will become second nature and she finds it an excellent way of constantly emphasising her lowly status in the great scheme of things.

As to the servitude section this sissy is constantly striving for it to be a complete and total state of mind where the superior sex is concerned and not just Mistresses and endeavours to treat all females as superiors.

This sissy’s dictionary defines ‘servitude’ as ‘slavery; the state of being a slave’ which strangely enough is a description that immediately produces a quickening of breath and almost a protrusion in this sissy’s panties as she finds the concept so entrancing.

At the moment this sissy does not have a Mistress in her life to help in ‘the annihilation of the sissy’s personal freedom’ but occasionally serves a Master who in all honesty is more interested in being her pimp rather than her Dom so this sissy’s training and control is now sadly lacking.

This sissy does try and practice her subservience and submission to the superior sex in private and agrees that servitude is the very essence of any sissy’s life as at best we are submissive pets or merely pieces of property, playthings to be used and abused at our Superior’s whim.

As to the wiring in this sissy’s brain I hope it is fairly well advanced in terms of accepting that she is not a person but a possession even if at the moment there is no divina domina to claim that possession but hopefully with Mistress Stewart’s guidance someone someday will want to take that role and own her.

This sissy does endeavour to hone her domestic skills and servile nature even in the absence of a Mistress to take advantage of them and constantly practices with her appearance, demeanour and deportment as her late Mistress was extremely strict in these departments and even though she used her as a whore, when not behaving as a slut with a client this sissy was expected to present herself in a ladylike and demure manner.

A previous mistress did instil in this sissy slave the necessity to curtsy at all time when encountering her owner and to sit modestly as whilst flashing her panties might be welcome with a paying client in polite society it was to be frowned upon.

This sissy slave would hope she does not exhibit too many if any of the horrible male traits you list and endeavours to embrace and embody the delightful female ones listed.

As to mandatory panties this sissy slave has over 300 pairs of them and has not owned or worn any male underwear in over seven years and even on visits to doctors or body waxers wears feminine fripperies at all times as to be honest she knows it sounds strange but wearing male undies fills her with disgust and seems rather dirty and kinky.

As to walking this sissy just wishes she could wear five inch heels at all times but she does endeavour to walk as though she is and even her young female bar staff ask for her help and advice in wearing high heels.

When working as a whore this sissy’s clients all seem to get turned on by her ability to walk seductively in heels or even run and dance in them when ordered to.

As to kneeling as this sissy spends quite a lot of time in that position usually with a client’s cock in her mouth, falling to her knees gracefully has become second nature as she may be a slut but she is not a slovenly slut.

As to sitting this sissy’s late Mistress was draconian on this and if she caught a glimpse of this sissy’s panties whilst she was reclining she soon had the panties pulled down and was laying into her sissy slave with crop or cane.

Obviously this sissy is used to punishment for any transgressions but also the Mistress who owned her for four years would also punish when the sissy had been impeccably behaved merely as an exercise in power, simply because she could and this sissy did not feel it to be unfair as in a Mistress slave relationship there is no right or wrong where Mistress is concerned as she is always right.

Serving ladies and being respectful to them comes naturally to his sissy slave as my lifelong sissy tendencies have always made me relate to and gravitate towards female company as I have more in common with them sharing none of the male interests in sport or the workings of the internal combustion engine as fiddling under the hood of a car is bound to chip this sissy’s nail polish so is a complete no no.

This sissy bears in mind Ms Rebekka’s admonition ‘Obsequious is the operative word for a sissy. Never give an opinion unless asked. Always anticipate Mistress’s needs or desires for assistance’ and whilst realising this is telling us sissies to be subservient it is also saying we should be more than just doormats and learn to anticipate as well as merely react

The divine domina who owned this sissy for four years said she would have banished her after a couple of weeks if all she was capable of was a constant litany of ‘yes Mistress’ as this sissy’s owner insisted that her sissy slave not only provide physical stimulus but also emotional and intellectual impetus.

Mistress maintained that anyone can dominate a doormat with a hard on but a true domina relished taming a feisty girl and can control post orgasm as effortlessly as pre orgasm and does not need to scream and shout but can command with a gesture, with a smile or with a whisper.

I humbly submit my assignment report and as it is my first one, if I have in any way failed please forgive me and point out the errors of my ways so I can instantly correct them




  1. erica

    Mistresses and sisters,
    This report and the attached comment really helped my refine this slave’s view of subservience. This slave has failed to keep Mistress’ interest in the past precisely because of the misunderstanding that subservience is a way of life, not death of self. Thank you Mistress Stewart and sister karen. You have B.both helped this slave in her journey.

    sissy ericaslc

  2. Madame Stewart

    I really enjoyed this report – as it shows your experience in service.

    I quote “The divine domina who owned this sissy for four years said she would have banished her after a couple of weeks if all she was capable of was a constant litany of ‘yes Mistress’ as this sissy’s owner insisted that her sissy slave not only provide physical stimulus but also emotional and intellectual impetus.”

    Yes, yes, and more yes. Subservience isn’t becoming a worm! We do not want girls who are so afraid of Us that they can’t even talk to Us and intellectually stimulate and engage Us! My closest sissies are the girls who also have become My friend – and while there may be some boundaries removed by that thought, in fact it tightens the relationship and bonds Us closer. Thank you, and I hope all the girls get a chance to read this Report.

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