A sissy serves her Superior

The change in my mind

masonrichard86 | 04.01.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Staff of the House;

This sissy is writing a report on the Zen of Servitude. This sissy has read the assignment and can see the process of changing my way of thinking will be a long but positive transition. This sissy believes the Staff would like to hear my goals on how this sissy will achieve knowledge of earning the privilege to serve under such great Superiors. Daily routine of properly practicing the outline in the assignment. Wearing panties at all times as a reminder of who this sissy is, showing respect and gratitude while under a Superior, praticing curtsies, posture, étiquette, etc.

Today this sissy will begin panties and posture. To remain calm and rembering the assignment objectives. To embrace how each step is an accomplishment. The mind will change to properly serve a Superior as how the Superior sees fit, for this sissy must give in and accept the new role she partakes in.

Sincerely, with a curtsy,

sissy rachael the wanker.


This sissy will send photo evidence in the night as the tasks are completed.


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