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anonfall | 04.01.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Mistress

This sissy does not have a mistress and is struggling to do this alone. After reading this multiple times and having second thoughts, this sissy realizes it has a lot of work to do. This sissy has a lot of undesirable personality traits that it has to replace with more proper ones. This sissy is going to wear panties 24/7 (this sissy has only occasionally worn panties and never longer than a day, so this is kind of terrifying) as instructed and will no longer walk or sit like a man. This sissy realizes that women are the superior gender and has to treat them with the utmost respect.

Pathetic sissy slave danielle


  1. A good start to realize your place honey – but it would be much better if you didn’t focus on your inherent patheticness, but instead focused on your goals to serve a Superior like Myself – and the joy that will come from it! If you don’t have a Superior in your life right now, admit that you don’t because you don’t deserve one yet. You haven’t worked on your skills to serve enough to be useful to a Dominant! See how you can flip this around? While We all appreciate humility, enthusiasm has more application.

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