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dee-4 | 04.07.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Getting Real

First of all, this sissy would like to thank her wonderful Mistress for welcoming her into the House of Sissify. This silly little girl at the very least understands that this training will be very difficult for her, but she knows that this is just what she needs to grow into the person that she deserves to be, even if she can’t be that person 24/7. She hopes to do whatever she can to make her Mistress proud of her.

After reading through the assignment Secret Sissy, this sissy has been racking her small little brain to try to come up with ways that she can become as sissified as possible while still being able to maintain her job and current arrangements. Fortunately (or unfortunately), she is currently without a Female partner, so besides having to avoid being seen by her male roommate, this sissy can dress freely while at home. The nature of this sissy’s current occupation requires changing with other men every day, so it is not realistic for her to wear panties or other lingerie underneath her clothes as this would give her away and put her career at risk. However, it is possible that she could immediately change into girly clothes once back at home, and could easily wear female garments under her male ones if she decides to go out as a male (yuck!).

This sissy has no problem with keeping her body totally shaven. If anyone at work asks about her legs, she can either say that she goes mountain biking and needs to keep her legs shaven in order to more easily clean wounds in the event of a fall (this is a legitimate reason), or she can simply explain that she just likes the feel of freshly shaven legs. But considering this sissy has already gone to work with shaved legs and nobody has questioned her, this doesn’t seem to be a problem. In fact, this sissy wears bikini-style men’s underwear which is somewhat close to her cute panties she owns. She just feels that lacy panties would be a bit too much in the locker room.

This sissy has also already begun behavior modification in the form of sissy hypno videos. She is also doing her best to try to be in as much of a servitude role towards real Women as possible. This can of course be expanded and practiced to greater efficacy. This sissy also does her best to keep the apartment clean, a form of servitude to her male roommate.

Anyway, this sissy does not want to get into rambling and hopes that this report isn’t too long. She is just excited to figure out how to best sissy herself. Thank you, Mistress.


  1. A great start honey – I’m glad you are thinking about how to be as sissy as possible as often as possible. But, as can be seen by your Assignment Report, you’re thinking further than you should and thus making that little head explode! Stay on task, stay on the Assignment – one step at a time – and it won’t be so overwhelming sweetie. Many girls have to stay as “convertibles” – but as you see in the Secret sissy Assignment, there are many ways to maintain your girlishness throughout your day!

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