So you want to tell Her?
cora1974 | 04.03.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Getting Real

The wife of the house now knows this sissies desires and needs. This sissy is now out. It went great. It turns out the wife of the house loves the way this sissy looks, acts, and worships her. Shes even buying dresses, makeup, lingerie, panties and bras for her sissy husband. This sissy has her monthly visit from aunt flo. And although this sissy isnt gay, she sure loves her strapon. This sissy gets it used on her a few times a week but only anally. This sissy has practiced in private sucking it but the wife of the house hasnt asked for that yet. This sissy also cant wait til i get to feel and taste my cum with her. This sissy has only tasted drops on hand but it wont be long now til i get a mouthful.

Thanks Mistresses.


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