Secret Sissy

Secret sissy

sweetheartedjocelyn | 04.28.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Getting Real

Learning how to think like a sissy is first required in order to properly act like a sissy. The first thing this sissy learned from this Assignment was being a sissy isn’t going to be as simple as only emulating femininity. To be a secret sissy one can’t rely on a shiny outfit or pretty makeup to do the job of conveying she’s a sissy. A sissy must be inventive and take initiative to serve. That initiative to serve must be present throughout the day, and it’s that extra bit more difficult in secrecy. There are fewer obvious tactile prompts, like frilly outfits and wigs, that display obedience. Ridding a sissy of these things also removes the pretense that it’s only a sexual kink that she can ignore whenever she wants, and reinforces that it’s her true self. It helps a sissy find her inner-sissy, and stay earnest to it! The happiness of a sissy doesn’t come in the form of praise, it comes in the form of honest service to those Superior to her.

But for this sissy, to stay in the mindset to serve required sharpening her focus. Thankfully The House included many practices in this assignment that helped! Things like sitting down at the potty, reading feminine erotica and staying tucked served as a bunch of little sissy refreshers throughout the day, training this sissy’s mind to stay at that state of docile sissy servitude. Since incorporating these practices this sissy has found she has a little more pep in her step, a little more grace in her sashay and a little more sparkle in her smile! This sissy thanks The House from the cuddliest corners of her heart!


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