playing with sissy self

playing with sissy self

kelly-kisses | 04.09.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - sissySexuality

sissy enjoyed reading ‘Masturbation 101‘. It was both educational and hot. sissy is going to immediately buy some artificial nails to wear while touching her sissy-clit and sissy pussy. sissy always wears sexy panties to masturbate herself while imagining Goddesses such as Yourselves instructing her sissy playtime. this slut has already explored her sissy pussy and loves the feel of something inserted in her sissy pussy while playing. sissy has thus far seen no mention of ‘rush’ type drugs, but has experimented with such. Holy cow, does that stuff turn sissy into a complete anal whore, seeking larger and larger toys to stretch out sissy’s pussy. sissy hopes You will allow her to use this for training!


  1. kelly!

    Ms. Stewart
    Thank You for noticing and commenting on this sissy slut. sissy has failed to follow directions properly, very sorry. sissy has not yet managed a prostrate-only orgasm but feels that she needs to work on her sissygasm. Again, thank You for commenting and sissy will try to get a proper pictue and work on her sissygasm!


  2. Madame Stewart

    So glad you enjoyed the Assignment honey! But your photo is someone doing you, not you doing yourself as described in the Assignment. That cost your a point or two sweetie –

    I would like to hear about your ability to orgasm with your prostate. Did you have luck with this yet?

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