sex store shopping!

sissyslave | 04.15.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Womens Studies

Shopping trip! Girls dream! Today sissy ventured out of her comfort zone, she decided to put in a bigger plug than usual, a tighter pair of panties that ever before, tight bra, and these amazing black fishnet stockings with a cute little red bow at the top on her thigh. She covered herself with loose clothes because she is still secret, and ventured to the sex shop. The ride was a bit uncomfortable, with the new plug putting a lot of pressure, but nothing sissy didn’t enjoy 😉 When she got to the shop it was busier than expected, and she immediately got the vibe the cashier was not open to dealing with a sissy so she ventured to the clothing section. First thing she picked up was a sexy, black shiny TIGHTTTT lingerie outfit. The butt is covered and real tight, the front is a small strip that helps tuck her clit away perfectly, and the top is good for a flatter chest than real women get to enjoy. Sissy continued walking around and picked up a few regular items like panties and lipstick, then she arrived at the anal toy section. There it was, something she knew of but only dreamed of, an inflatable butt plug. Sissy just was to buy, she giggled and went quickly to the counter. The cashier made her very uncomfortable, but sissy thought of her sisters here at the house and went along with her business. When sissy arrived home the outfit with so perfect, she was tucked away smoother and her butt looked so darn cute! Sissy will write her report about her plug in an anal submission assignment 😉


  1. Madame Stewart

    A wonderful adventure! And an inflatable plug in the process! Don’t take too much concern of the girls that work at sex stores. They are usually the most cynical of all – and they grumble at everyone until they can quit the job cuz their goth band finds their ‘big break’ or something. 🙂 Look forward to your photos!

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