Sissy That Walk!

kaitlyn-kisses | 04.22.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

Dear Mistress, this sissy has finally completed her SissyWalk Assignment. So first of all this Sissy decided she needed NEW Shoes, so she went on online and brought some blue 5inch heels from Little Mistress. also brought some white jeggings and blue and white & blue blouse. So after many weeks of training, this sissy drew a line across the floor aprox 5metres, then had a nuke warm bath, cleaned up. then moisturised & primed sissies skin, got dressed, then applied a light foundation light blue eyeshadow, mascara, light pink gloss. Once sissy was ready she looked into the mirror and quoted “i am a sissy, i am Not a Man, i submit my arrogant masculinity to my Superior for eradication.” First without sissies heels she walked along the line, with a Dracula hardback resting upon her head, pivoting gracefully next to the string and returning. After practising, sissy put on her Little Mistress 5inch heels, then walked the line, wiggling her bottom as sissy walked. sissy found this rather difficult, after weeks of training finally managed it, sissy still needs a lot of practise however sissy will continue to learn and watch youtube.


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