Zen of Servitude

shelby-2 | 03.08.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

Since joining the House this sissy has spent the past several days practicing her Zen of servitude in many ways.

Firstly to improve my disgusting boy appearance at work I have begun to tuck my shirt into my skirt.

Secondly this sissy has not worn a single pair of boy undies since joining the house. Now that she has shaved my boy clit, the panties feel wonderfully hugging my hips all day.

Next is how i practice kneeling, which i do in the evening when this sissy reads her Bible. I always bemd with both knees and bow my head as to to pray with my hands crossed either in front or behind.

Lastly is my sitting practice, which i practice every time i need to tinkle. Before sitting on the toilet i make sure my clit is well tucked between my legs and is going down. With my knees and ankles together i slowly bend until my sissy buy feels the cold seat. When i’m done i stand up with both knees keeping my clit tucked as tight as I can before i pull up my panties.

A final note, this sissy recently was denied her application to her special days for failing to complete my profile. This sissy would like to apologize for this disrespect she showed and hopes to be shamed or punished for the manner. i hope the house knows that no matter the status of her application. i still refuse to allow myself to masturbate without permission of the Staff.

I hope you can forgive the format and give any corrections to this report. It is this sissies first. And will be submitting photos as soon as i am shaved all over(soon).

sissy shelby


  1. Madame Stewart

    A great start honey! I fixed a few of your spelling mistakes – and yes, there was a lot of I I I in your report, but each infraction is an opportunity to learn. I look forward to your next report with photos!

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