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jamiejane | 03.05.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

Dear House Superiors,

This sissy has shaved herself soft and smooth to the best of her abilities today. This girl had a minor mishap when the hot water to its building went out just after it began to remove its filthy male scruff. This sissy made the best of it not wanting to leave her home half prepared for her day. This girl heated water on her stove and used it to fill her bathroom sink, she pretended she was a girl in the 1800’s, just learning to shave. SissyShaving was this girl believes more difficult but an assignment is an assignment and plumbing mishaps are no excuse for a girl to delay her report. This sissy may have experienced a few more bumps, and perhaps the occasional scratch as a result and she will endeavor to do better next time as she understands that not only is there always room for sissy improvement, sissy improvement is expected by her betters!

This sissy would like to profusely thank the House Superiors for the site’s advice on shaving. This girl has tried to shave before but no one ever showed her the right way. That made this sissy girl sad, and frustrated as she had tried to remove her male scruff herself on several occasions to sometimes disastrous results. The site’s advice was very helpful and it guided this sissy girl through the task with as little mishap as this sissy believes could be expected, having to use warm water in a sink for most of her assignment.

This girl loves the feeling of a new ladies shaving razor gliding over her; her thighs, her ass, her arms, her stomach. This girl found it highly erotic and more than once noticed her little sissy clitty begging for attention (but a alas, this sissy is on restriction and has not yet been granted permission to touch herself by her Superiors so she ignored the insistent organ like a good girl, and will place her clitty back into chastity as soon as she finishes this report to her betters, without any cummies). This sissy enjoyed watching the little hairs wash away from the feminine razor, leaving only a clean razor and smooth wet skin behind.

Once the assignment was complete, and this girl was soft and smooth, her little sissy mind could hardly contain the pleasure (she surely does not yet deserve) that comes from being soft and feminine. When her little clitty would brush against her smooth thighs, feeling the soft kiss of thong panties on her denuded legs, ass… clitty! Heaven, thy be woman and all that goes with her. Clothes has gone from a simple adornment, a societal necessity, to a pre orgasmic experience. This girl simply adores the feeling of denim from her tight jeans against her thighs, sliding smoothly as she glides. She really can’t stand it and eagerly awaits being granted the sissy masturbation privilege that she knows she does not yet deserve.

Full sissy disclosure, this girl did put a large steel butt plug with a crystal jewel in her pussy after she shaved between her legs, and before she shaved the rest of her body… to heighten her submission and remind herself that she is a vessel for use, that she only exists to bring pleasure to others, and teasing and humiliating herself are helpful tools in that journey, as is admitting her process to her Superiors now (with photographic evidence).

This sissy feels that sissyShaving helps a girl feel more feminine, and less male, and therefore more vulnerable. This girl finds that removing all of her body hair helps her to think as a woman and to always remember, in her thoughts and in her actions, to be as girly as possible and to always place obedience above herself. With every move she feels her skin and knows that she has modified her body for her Superiors.

This girl humbly hopes she has completed her assignment to the satisfaction of her betters. If she has failed please direct her to punish herself so that she might learn from her mistakes and become a better sissy!

Curtsey (this girl also wants to say that she experiences extreme pleasure when she curtsies with her body all smooth and her steel plug rubbing inside, against her tender tissues… not only physical sissy pleasure, but the sublime encompassing submission of obedience as well).

Thank you for guiding this sissy on her journey, she hopes to be worthy of use some day.

jamie jane



  1. Madame Stewart

    You even heated your water on your stove! What dedication to your girlishness! Yes, you are more vulnerable now honey- and that slinkyness in your lingerie under your male drab will remind you of your True position of a sissy slut!

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