Sissify System of Safer Cocksucking
jennifer-14 | 04.12.2016 | Assignment Reports

This sissy has read the Assignment on Fellatio and is using it as a template on practicing cock sucking as it my latex friend were a real male. the first thing this sissy does is to sun warm water over him, to bring him up to body temp, no one likes to such a cold cock. while the water is running over the cock/dildoe this sissy wants to make sure its lips are inviting, liner then red lipstick, a little cupids bow is nice. gagging has always been a problem for me, so this sissy hands its head off the edge of the bed so its throat is wide open and flat (no curve), under the direction of Mistress Stewart, this sissy is learning proper breathing while cock sucking, circular in the nose and out of the mouth.

This sissy has noticed that her sissy clit becomes excited each time it prepares its preparation. this sissy places the cock in its hand and strokes it and talks to it. this gurl tells the cock how good it is going to fell on my lips, my tongue and throat, deeper is better. while this sissy is talking to the cock it presses its legs together because it is getting aroused thinking about the cock in its mouth. this sissy starts kissing the cock, it just wants to immediately shove it down its throat, but where is the foreplay that action is taken. This sissy sees the red lipstick on the cock, is this really me doing this, sucking a cock, the answer is yes and it seems so right!  I start licking the shaft, God, this sissy is craving this cock, the moaning starts and this sissy slowly starts taking the cock in its mouth, is this who I am becoming? It is. slowly the cock invades this sissy’s mouth, then out it pops out. this sissy need more, back in it comes, my mouth flows over the head, deeper in the through, the motion is repeated, this time all the way in, the sissy gags and out in comes. this must not stop if this sissy stops it fails. the speed at which the cock invades my mouth increases, this sissy must submit, this is all this sissy is thinking, take it in submit a little more, a little more of you is lost. this sissy continues to have its face fucked, tears are falling down my face, the are tears of submission.


  1. this sissy could feel your emotions through sister’s writing. this sissy feels a lot like sissy’s sister about the eroticism, the submission, the excitement of feeling properly pleasing a Superior. sissy has tried the laying flat on the bed with head hanging over the edge position. this sissy has, so far, had a gag reflex that has been too strong to allow deep penetration. for example, one time sissy was on sluts knees sucking a sisters cock and when sister came sissy tried to goo deep into sissy’s mouth, but gagged.

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