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Respect and Learning My Place

sweetasssally | 04.22.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Mistress,

This sissy had alway’s believed she showed Women the respect they deserved until this morning. Her mind has been opened with her very first assignment and s.he feels a new found respect and admiration for the Women in her life. This sissy thought s.he was on a path, without training, to becoming a good sissy but now she realizes she needs help and direction. It will be difficult for her to pay constant attention to the little things like how s.he walkss and sits but s.he realizes now they are the foundation of her femininity. S.he also realizes that s.he hasn’t relinquished control and still has a shamefully proud male ego that must be eradicated. The sissy knows she must start by paying very close attention to all her behaviors until the correct behaviors become completely natural. The sissy must also go out of her way to show more respect to the Women around her. Lastly the sissy realizes she wants the guidance of a Mistress at some point soon to help her become the sissy she knows she is meant to be.

Love and Kisses

sissy sally


  1. Madame Stewart

    Is there anything better than a life changing realization? An epiphany that can advance your training more than any hypnosis, more than any chastity device, more than any spreader bar? I think not! When your mind is changed, the rest will fall into place. You’re on the right path honey, with the right attitude. Your etiquette is exceptional. I’m pleased to have you in Our program.

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