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sissy servitude changing thoughts into action

lacey68sissy | 04.08.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

As a servitude sissy i find it helpful to start from the beginning. When sissy first shared with Queen Master sissies desire to be a sissy servant. Sissy felt shame due to my motives where selfish. This sissy wanted to wear panties n girly things for sissies sexual gains. Through Queen Master’s dissatisfaction and guidance this sissy has learned it’s not what the sissy wants. It is what Queen Master wants and the way She wants it. Today i am sissy in training. It’s my position i will always be this, for even though i strive to be the perfect sissy of servitude to Queen Master i know and am told i can do better. Thoughts i have today are less to do with or about me and more about what Queen Master expects from me. The closer this sissy is to Queen Master’s expectations the better i feel inside about what a good sissy i am. Today i cook clean and do things the way Queen Master wants them done. It’s this sissies honor to serve Queen Master in the manor She wishes of Her property. That said i took the liberty to share a photo of my sissy drawer, how everything has its place nice and neat. This expectation is upheld throughout Queen Master’s home. This sissy finds meeting Queen Master’s expectations is best when this sissy has an attitude of servitude and constant thoughts of what n how Queen Master wants it. Thank you for allowing this sissy to reaffirmed it’s place as a sissy in servitude to it’s Queen Master.


  1. lacey

    Thank you Ms Stewart for taking a positive notice in this sissy’s report. This sissy has came along way in understanding he.r self and he.r purpose.
    This sissy will do he.r best to spread the word of servitude.

    Here to serve

  2. Madame Stewart

    Excellent attitude honey! This is the Real Deal. To see that “Face of Glory”, that really your feeble attempts were all just a cry of self absorption & attention so you could have your way. I’ve spent My entire life teaching girls this. I want you to friend every girl at the House, and help them have this realization!

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