Proper Correspondence Etiquette

lacey68sissy | 04.11.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy has read through, may i say demands of etiquette? In which this sissy thanks You for. This sissy understands he.r place in life is to show submission. This can be seen by it’s action of dutifully doing as s.he is told with a smile and the spirit in which this sissy completes he.r service.

Just as in writing to the House of Sissify. This sissy is to show he.r respect using the case of the letter and the manor in which it’s done. On top of this. This sissy is to show its self as less then Superiors by submitting to terms such as this sissy, he.r, s.he, putting this sissy in he.r place in the third person. Telling this sissy and hopefully showing the House of Sissify my place is at the feet of all Superiors in the House of Sissify. In life this sissy submits to Queen Master. Its through Her grace this sissy is allowed here. For this sissy thanks Her daily on voice when allowed, mainly is service to Her 24/7. This is sissies understanding of the rules of proper correspondence of Etiquette.

Thank You House of Sissify
To serve


  1. Madame Stewart

    Many girls balk at Proper Correspondence Etiquette. Seems so simple! Here We are on the internet, and unfortunately a Superior can’t see your submissive posture or your downward gaze. But through this technique – humility shines through and the Superior can see you are well trained and appreciative of their time. Great report!

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