sissy submits sexuality to Mistress

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This sissy offers this report to the House Superiors. sissy intends this as a document in continuing sexual servitude to Mistress.

If sissy may, s.he would like to state some current facts about h.erself and Mistress. both Mistress and sissy now consider sissy to be gay. s.he has no desire to have boy/girl sex. desires are very plain because the thought of cock is sufficient now to get sissy’s clitty aroused. Mistress’s vagina will no longer provoke sissy’s clitty. sissy has received a cock in boi cunt. sissy has orgasmed from that and enjoyed it as any gurl should.

Mistress now has had sex with the cd who first took sissy’s buttginity. it is entirely fitting because sissy can no longer please wife. Mistress has been bisexual since summer of 2014. Mistress would still like sissy to be able to perform for Her, but s.he has become a weak, effeminate creature who can no longer provide for Mistress. sissy’s sexuality is not fully under the control of Mistress; if it were, Mistress would simply command sissy to perform and sissy would. sissy cannot perform on comman. because s.he cannot, Mistress has finally gone elsewhere.

These facts point to the degradation of sissy’s masculine identity. slowly but surely over the last two years, it has happened. the depth of what has happened was not initially apparent to sissy or Mistress, probably because it was happening so slowly and our attitude was that it was just fun, what could come of it? at times when sissy thinks back, it is hard to believe that sissy is the same person and hard to believe that Mistress is the same person. frankly we are not the same people.

The change in sexual identity has broken some deep bonds. it bothered us at first, but we have grown accustomed to the opening of our relationship to three more people. it is a turning away from one place to move to a more exciting and riskier place. at times, sissy wishes s.he could go back; other times sissy wonders how s.he and Mistress stood the earlier vanilla life.

As an exhibit of what has happened, Valentine weekend 2016, sissy lost buttginity. our local friends, our local playtime couple, met with us for some fun time. the two wives planned that we both would give up our boi cunts for the first time. so we did give them up to each other. sissy received first, then sissy gave. when receiving, sissy orgasmed in a way that s.he had never orgasmed. frankly, it was deep and profound; sissy wishes everybody could feel it. sissy was told by both ladies that this is typical of a woman’s orgasm. it is deep, slow, rolling and overcoming.

As a man, all of this made sissy felt humiliated, but that feeling soon went away. s.he felt femme in a deep and satisfying way. any feeling of masculine humiliation was replaced by the feeling of feminine weakness and submission. feelings that sissy should have because deep down inside, s.he is a gurl. so she took the man’s cum as s.he should.

a different experience occurred for Mistress. she received sex from the cd husband of our play couple. the name sissy will use for her/him is Michele. this couple does not engage in sissification; Michele is simply a cd and the couple has slowly opened up to a bigger sex life with us. he was able to satisfy Mistress. for the first time in months, Mistress was sexually happy. so now sissy has been relegated to being a third wheel/voyeur when it comes to sex within marriage. just to be clear, sissy did not have sex with Michele’s wife. and could not even if s.he wanted to.

so sissy is now a gay sissy, focused on cock and submitting to Wife’s demands. this new sissy consciousness is something that never goes away. sissy is desirous of cock, wakes up thinking about it, finds it exciting and finds it tedious both, wants and wonders why s.he wants it exclusively. if this isn’t a loss of masculinity, a degradation of sissy’s original manhood, sissy doesn’t know what those words mean.

so, it is what it is. Mistress is happy and that is what counts.

sissy knows there is much more to say. sissy will be saying more as time goes by.

sissy thanks the Superiors for their attention.


  1. princess sissy

    dear sweet sister. your report is written so very, very well 🙂 this sissy slave could feel sluts own experiences like yours as slut read your words. slut lost her ass virginity many years ago when Mistress at that time had two men visit on a long weekend. it’s a very poignant story and slut may write of it one day. when you wrote of knowing you were femme after yours was taken, slut felt the same, never again after that was slut a Man in her own eyes. xoxoxoxo

  2. lana ros

    It is really awesome how you write reports in connection with previous one. It can provide bigger picture which gives context and clearly determines all the details and that is a great ground for learning. When is next report coming 🙂

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