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sissy jamie understands servitude is in the mind. s.he is committed to growing this to the best of he.r ability.

You asked some questions. s.he was assigned Ms. Stewart as he.r Mistress yesterday. s.he is not sure if s.he is under house rule. Yes, s.he desperately wants a Superior to train her.

It was mentioned that s.he could practice the most essential and important part (servitude) with or without Superior guidance. s.he wonders if that means without he.r wife’s knowing? This is a challenge for he.r and s.he looks forward to he.r Mistress’ guidance here. s.he has snuck panties on everyday this week since panties are mandatory. It makes he.r feel naughty and so aroused. Each day going to the office bathroom, sitting of course, and pulling he.r panties down to pee is amazingly comforting and pleasing. Just the simple sight of cute little panties hanging around he.r knees as s.he tinkles is rewarding. The soft feel of the lace is remarkably satisfying. s.he can’t explain but knows You understand:)

It was mentioned that if the sissy is with someone who does not openly condone, s.he could still practice. Is what s.he mentioned above an example of that? Is he.r wife a Superior? Thank You for the clarification. s.he is grateful. This is he.r biggest area of concern and consternation.

It was mentioned that complete and total annihilation of thoughts, feelings, and desires for anyone or anything other than your Mistress is what makes you a true worthy sissy slut. This gave he.r butterflies in her tummy as s.he read it.

A huge point was: if one professes to be a sissy and yet cannot submit his actions to his Superior, he is little more than an imposter. sissy jamie is concerned about how this applies to he.r wife. s.he desires to comply to the best of her ability and is true in he.r conviction.

sissy jamieRight here, right now discussed the simple things. s.he is performing these pretty well, always helping cook and clean the house. Even when not asked. s.he endeavors to give he.r wife more massages. The blood rushed to her boi clitty when s.he read about becoming skilled in the fine art of cunnilingous and cock sucking. Thank You for helping he.r grow in this arena.

s.he is wearing panties in all the board meetings when s.he can. As mentioned previously, s.he has worn panties everyday this week. he.r posture is improving and s.he will continue to work on it. s.he always treats women with respect and he.r redemption acts are happening every day.

sissy jamie respectfully submits this report and hopes it meets Your expectations. s.he looks forward to growing with Your guidance.

sissy jamie


  1. What a nice report jamie! I like that you asked questions instead of assuming you got all the requirements of the Assignment. A very humble approach that will help your Training immensely!

    You are under House Rule, with My guidance for your Training – but your Wife is ALWAYS your Superior. In fact, all Women are your Superior. Making this distinction will wash what is left of that male mind of yours to learn to respect and serve all femininity.

    There is no “imposter” happening. Your girlish tendencies are always within you – and We want to cultivate them regardless of your role you have to play in the board room or in your home. By learning to serve your Superior in ways She finds endearing, you are reinforcing your True Role as Her submissive.

    Take a look at “The Secret sissy” Assignment – as it has some great techniques to keep that mind on your girlishness regardless of your daily role play.

    And finally, you need to be tucked like a good girl. Get that clitty back in your panties!

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