andrea65 | 03.06.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy slut has completed the sissy walk assignment,(and still practicing as it is an ongoing exercise). Learning to walk in high heels is definitely a daunting task for sure. Most of the time with a few exceptions this sissy was able to walk without losing books on he.r head,and keeping steps short is definitely a challenge. Although this sissy has found that a knee length high waisted pencil skirt does help a great bit. The 5 inch heels shortened stride somewhat naturally but when i went to the 6 inch heels it was almost impossible to take any length of stride over 12 to 15 inches,shorter the easier with those 6 inch heels. This sissy has been wearing heels when not at work and found that a treadmill is an absolutely wonderful accessory for practicing in heels. Heels are definitely a great adjustment to conquer and while this sissy hasnt conquered them completely s.he has made great strides in this endeavor always mindful of short precise steps and posture,especially the hips swaying a bit to underline the fact that this sissy slut needs to serve in any and all ways and positions. This sissy is sending videos to accompany this report. Many thanks to the House of Sissify for the direction and learning to become a proper sissy slut.


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