A sissy serves her Superior
shannonsissy75 | 04.09.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Mistresses and Superiors,

This sissy thanks the House of Sissify and the Superiors for accepting this sissy.

This sissy has finished reading the Zen of Servitude training assignment as instructed by the Superiors of the House. This sissy has had her eyes opened, for she now realizes how much she must learn and looks forward to changing her non-sissy ways, and bring herself inline with the sissy was of life and thinking. This sissy now understands that along with feminization, she must learn proper submission and service to Women and Superiors, to fulfill their need and desires and learn and anticipate whatever they may need this sissy to do.

This sissy will re-ready everything in the Zen of Servitude and take it to heart and begin to put what she has read into practice and integrate it into everyday life.

Sincerely and curtsey,

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