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The Zen of Servitude

alt_art | 05.09.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Mistress,

This sissy has noted that servitude must now be the goal, the essence of he.r life.
he.r daily chores will now all be done not just because they need to, but as an offering of he.r time and he.r (now abandoned) free will to the Superiors.

This sissy has already started to watch the way s.he behaves. he.r clitoris is properly tucked in at all times, and s.he no longer sits with legs apart. s.he walks taking shorter steps, he.r spine straight and he.r chest out, and all the while keeping he.r head level. s.he also tries to relax he.r pelvis in order to make he.r hips roll, but he.r efforts have not yet proven fully satisfactory. Yet the effort makes he.r feel aroused — both because s.he enjoys having to obey rules, and also as s.he fantasises being spotted. Will someone notice the way he.r groin is no longer bulging? Will someone notice the way he.r hips roll, albeit imperfectly? And if yes, what would happen next?

This sissy does not know how to curtsy, but s.he will research it and practice ASAP. This sissy has also purchased he.r first panties in a very long time, and rediscovered the pleasure of a fine fabric against he.r skin. This sissy feels whole again, thanks to the Superiors’ request.

As for he.r daily redemption:
This sissy has been driving he.r girlfriend everywhere She wanted for the past five days. s.he has carried Her bags, made Her shopping, and cooked Her meals. At night, when She was tired, she has carried Her to her bed, and laid Her to rest gently. While boarding he.r plane back to where s.he works, this sissy has also helped the Lady next to he.r to place Her luggage into the overhead compartment.

As this sissy is now away from he.r girlfriend for the next month, and doesn’t work or live next to other Women, s.he is not sure how s.he will be able to manifest he.r servitude, but s.he will certainly keep an open eye at all times.

Obediently yours,

sissy alexandra


  1. Madame Stewart

    There was some great reflection put into this Assignment alexandra. A key point – making all your actions an “offering” to your Superiors will take you further than any other action. Great job!

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