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A day at the feet of my Mistress

terrina | 04.11.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship


Thank You Ms. Stewart, Mistress Leah, and House Staff, for allowing this sissy the privilege of submitting this report to You for grading. In order to better educate sissy terrina, and turn he.r into a proper sissy. Curtsey.

This past weekend sissy terrina’s Mistress had a very special chore for he.r secret sissy to do. terrina has been excited all week thinking of how s.he will give Mistress the perfect pedicure.

Like most mornings terrina prepared breakfast for he.r Superior, after cleaning up, terrina proceeded to prepare the settings for a perfectly pampered pedicure. This task is not something that only Mistress looks forward to, but is also cherished by sissy terrina as s.he gets to spend time in he.r rightful place, ” on my knees ” in panties, with cotex maxi pad in place, for any “drippings ” properly tucked, feeling truly feminine and submissive terrina begins massaging Mistresses feet in a basin full of warm soapy water and scented mineral oil, bending low enough to place Tender Kisses upon the top of Mistresses feet and toes, while looking up from this most humbling position. Catching glimpses of Mistresses smile upon Her face, and pleasure in Her eye’s. Wishing i wasn’t a secret sissy so could suck on these beautiful long digits like ten cocks.

After Mistress is fully relaxed the basin is removed feet are dried and replaced with a towel which is wrapped delicately around these beautiful feet. At this time sissy terrina prepares the base coat, Primary nail polish, and Top coat, Mistresses color choice today is. “Very Cranberry” terrina carefully removes any calluses caused by the harsh winter and constant wearing of leather boots, and applies lotion to Mistresses feet, again terrina basks in the pleasures of rubbing and massaging these most beautifull feet, which leave sissy terrina feeling weak, and submissive,

Before applying the base coat sissy terrina carefully uses a cuticle stick to clean and shape each toe. A dab of polish remover to a cotton ball is then used on each toe to remove any excess oil or soap film. Sponge wedges are then placed between each toe leaving adequate space so the toes won’t overlap one another causing smudges, or taking away any shine from the polishes.

The next three steps are most important.

After each toe has been properly coated with a base coat, terrina asked if Mistress would care for anything, Mistress required another cup of coffee, and a neck massage. Next came the ” Very Cranberry ” nail polish, a task not easy to do if your nervous, as it requires a steady hand and full attention. Drawing my face low again to Mistresses feet, inhaling the smells of polish as they are applied, feeling ever so weak, submissive, and sissified with this task at hand, my mind starts drifting, Wishing Mistress would discover i’m a secret sissy and bring me into a salon for a complete pedi and mani. This slight daydream caused sissy to slip a little and so s.he had to wipe off some polish from the skin and apologize. The top coat went without a hitch, and Mistress was pleased, She then turned to me and said,” you know what I need now? ” as i looked at My Superior bewildered, She deviously smiled, A new pair of “Birkenstocks” to show off the beautiful work you’ve done. And so terrina handed over he.r credit card and past Mistress the phone.

Even though terrina is a secret sissy, s.he is so very fortunate to have such a wonderful Superior to pamper. And if not for the House of Sissify, Ms. Stewart, Mistress Leah, and Staff – terrina would not be the sissy s.he is today.



  1. terrina

    Thank You Ms. Stewart.
    What an honor to receive five heels from You.
    sissy terrina is so blessed to have Superior’s such as Yourself, and Mistress Leah, and House Staff, to share my growth as a sissy servant, and be trained by Loving Superior’s. Your lessons and encouragement have and will continue to take this sissy further than s.he ever could have dreamed of.
    Thank You All.

  2. Madame Stewart

    Very nice terrina! I love how you serve. Such a good sissy and an excellent example for your sisters. I think We missed the final picture with the cranberry? Please send it on, and We’ll add it to your Report honey.

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