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After spending a week studying Cocksucking 101, it was time for this sissy to move on to actual fellatio. sissy has a realistic 8 inch dildo which she can use to practice her fellatio techniques on. sissy isn’t ready to try a real cock yet. sissy wants to practice first so she is ready to really please a man or shemale cock. After studying and hours of practice, hopefully this sissy will be ready to suck a real cock and swallow delicious cum.

sissy would be dressed in her favorite slutty lingerie and began practicing sucking her realistic cock dildo as she watched her wallpaper change from bj pic to sissy cum pic over and over and over again for her next week of training. This was the continued programming sissy desired. Five days a week for four hours per day, programming sissy to only be hard while watching sissies forced to suck yummy cock, and to precum while sucking sissies dildo. sissy began to love the feeling of what a cock down sissies throat would feel like.

Each day, sissy would practice sucking her dildo. sissy would try deep throating only to gag. The more and more sissy practiced, the longer she could hold the dildo deep in her throat. Now sissy would suck on her cum cubes while sucking her cock shaped dildo. The cubes would melt as sissy sucked and the taste of salty cum would flood sissies mouth. sissy would suck and taste cock but would resist cumming herself on her approved days. sissy wanted to build the desire to only cum from sucking and tasting until her last day of training of this second week. sissies cock clit would get hard without ever touching it. Just tasting and sucking would drive sissy crazy.

On sissies last day of fellatio training, sissy continued her normal routine of watching her sissy cocksucking slideshow, sucking her cock dildo and tasting cum cubes melt in her mouth. After this week of no cumming and training, sissy was ready.

It was sissies approved day, so sissy finished the second week of her cocksucking training session as usual, laid down on the couch, put her legs over her head so her cock was facing down at sissies face. sissy then stoked until sissy shot load after built up load of cum on her face and in her mouth. Mmmmm. sissy licked up every drop and felt so naughty, so slutty.

Sissy could only imagine how much sucking a real cock and swallowing cum would feel. It’s hard to put into words how amazing this felt, how satisfying but naughty this felt. sissy wants to always swallow her cum on her approved days and not waste a single drop. sissy wants to continue practicing sucking yummy cock and hopes that soon she will be brave enough to try it for real. Once again, thank you Ms. Stewart.



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