sissy learns to masturbate properly

stephy2000 | 02.13.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - sissySexuality

Dear Mistresses of the House,

*curtsey* This sissy had her special day today, and practiced masturbating in the proper way as taught in Masturbation 101. This sissy prepared for the occasion, applying make up and putting a pretty dress. This sissy then put in her plug, she had been waiting all day to do it. This sissy feels empty without it, often thinking about how she wishes she had something inside her, and wouldn’t think of rubbing her clity with her pussy feeling left out. This sissy gripped her clitty with two fingers and began to stroke, while saying out loud that “sissy stephy is a cumslut”. This sissy worked her clitty more and more vigorously, sliding her hips a bit to feel her plug, feeling her plug makes this sissy’s clitty more sensitive. After a couple minutes of this, sissy’s clitty began to release it’s wonderful juice. This sissy gathered it in her hand and licked up as much as she could. This sissy loves cum and someday hopes to receive some from a real cock. Afterwards, this sissy repeated to herself that “sissy stephy is a cumslut” and “sissy stephy loves cum”. This really helped keep sissy’s delusions of being a man from coming back after such a wonderful treat.

hugs and kisses,
sissy stephy


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