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This sissies journey

rachael-3 | 04.14.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

First this sissy would just like to express how happy she is and how at home she feels on this website. Nobody needs to hide who they are, so it feels like this journey into this lifestyle will be made a lot easier, just because we will have our lovely sisters to talk to and for help and our amazing Superiors who know what it takes to turn us into a perfect sissy. This sissy really looks forward to hopefully serving one day. This sissy is new here but already she knows she is buying the year long membership after this month.

This sissy has been reading back over “The Zen of Servitude” since she has been accepted into the House. Now she has always known that she was born to serve and be submissive but her eyes are opening more to what is involved, right down to the little details. It is not just a case of telling someone you want to serve them and following orders, the little things like how you present yourself, for example when a sissy kneels before her Superior she must always kneel with both legs together as opposed to bending one knee at a time. It is so obvious to think about but is something this sissy would not think of, so she has spent the last few days trying to be more feminine while keeping the small details in mind. she has been spending time in front of a full length mirror practising kneeling in a feminine manner, trying to walk with a feminine sway in my hips etc. she has a long way to go but she is confident that with constant practise she will get there.

The woman in this sissies life is her girlfriend, and this sissy is still trying to find the courage to talk to her girlfriend about this side of her. her girlfriend is very open minded and enjoys dominating, humiliating and cuckolding this sissy. This sissy is just scared revealing this side of me will just turn her girlfriend of her and that she needs a real man. sissy rachael has full intentions of doing this soon though as she adores her partner and would love her partner to share this side of her and maybe allow her to serve. This sissy also feels her partner would be a great help, as she is currently studying beauty therapy and would have the ability to really transform this sissy.

Despite this sissy not yet letting her partner in on this side of her life, she has took on board what she has learnt from this House, that all women are her superiors and she should aim every day to serve them and do anything for them. This sissies partner has not had to lift a finger. This sissy has been doing all the house work, all the cooking (cooking skills need improving), driving her anywhere she needs to go, spoiling her financially as well as serving her sexually with nothing in return, this sissy cant have anything in return anyway as she is still waiting for her allowed masturbation days, but she is none the less enjoying sexually satisfying her partner without expecting anything. When this sissy is in work, she has a female manager who she has been going out of her way to please. This sissy offered to stay back an extra hour in work today to please her manager.

This lifestyle has been something this sissy has always been interested in but has only recently started to realise how much is involved, but know she can start this journey properly. It makes her feel happy, and like she has an aim in life, something to look forward to. This sissy looks at her present form in the mirror and hates herself, her horrible masculine body. She intends to stick to an exercise regime that will slim her down and give her a feminine figure as much as possible. This sissy has quite a physical job but is trying her best to avoid anything too physical or lifting anything to heavy and instead using equipment or any other help whenever possible, the aim of this been to reduce the size of arms, upper body etc

The thing this sissy hates the most about herself is her deep voice, she is paying close attention to Youtube tutorials for sissies who went to make their voice more feminine.

This sissy is looking forward to where this journey leads and the transformation she hopes to make and she looks forward to keeping my lovely Superiors and sisters up to date with pictures etc.

Thank you for reading.



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