A sissy serves her Superior
adamjoneslave | 04.13.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Mistress,

Your sissy has spent her two days completing this assignment. From becoming more feminine in her personality to always wearing panties, it has been a great experience for her. Although at first your sissy felt very embarrassed and ashamed of herself. Your sissy would like to let her Mistress know that she is still very shy about public crossdressing. She found it very shameful but at the same time it excited your sissy a lot. Besides wearing the panties your sissy also felt much shame in lack of a personal Mistress to serve. Not having a personal Mistress made it more difficult for your sissy to make sure she was always remembering to wear her panties or sitting the right way. Your sissy also has a strong urge to please a Mistress and get close to her Mistress. Your sissy found that walking to her classes like a girl was very exciting and it more than any other made your sissy feel like a true girl.

Your sissy wants to emphasize what she enjoyed the most and what she does not yet enjoy fully. Your sissy’s least favorite part about this task was not having anyone to kneel to or practice being an obedient sissy. Sissy does have a significant other that she used as someone to constantly please but sissy’s significant other is not aware of sissy’s feminine side.

Your sissy also had a favorite part of the week because it made her feel dominated and always controlled. Wearing panties around was ashley’s favorite task to complete daily. Ashley wishes she could have more direct messaging to wear something else besides just panties in private or if under something than in public. Ashley is not ready to show people herself yet.

The main thing your sissy learned from this experience was how to respect Woman more than a man. Your sissy understands much better how being a Woman is superior and ashley strongly hopes to be as close to one as she can for her Mistress.

Overall after trying out these tasks for Mistress, sissy has enjoyed them a lot as well as the feminine emotions they have brought. Your sissy is looking forward to her next suggested task and what her Mistress wants next from her.

Love and kisses,



  1. Learning respect for Women and treating them as your Superior is the paramount intention of this Assignment sweetie. Good job!

    Thinking you need a personal Mistress to tell you every thing to do item by item is a big mistake. You have a Superior right there, and you have Superiors right here at the House. You have instructions, and to blame your lack of Will on not being reminded will not get you anywhere but failure! You are very lucky to have your Wife to serve at home. Does She need to know your sissy behavior? No! Service is like kindness, and more is needed in this world. If anything – She will notice that you are a kinder ‘husband’ and the brainwashing can properly take root. For your next step, I think “The Secret sissy” is the right assignment for you.

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