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Aunt Flo’s First Visit

sarasilksissify-com | 03.13.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Womens Studies

Good morning Mistress

sissy sarasilk has learned a lot more about herself.

sissy sarasilk used tight nylons to hold her Pad in place. sissy sarasilk was bloated and experienced cramps. sissy sarasilk spent a lot of time on the toilet. Sometimes 2 or 3 times an hour.

sissy sarasilk has learned that she has been very selfish and not very understanding. sissy sarasilk is ashamed of herself. sissy sarasilk in the past has made rude comments about how long it takes women in the bathroom and rude comments about how women were weak and could not hold their bladders.

That is in the past. Again sissy sarasilk is very ashamed of herself. sissy sarasilk learned just how strong and brave women are sissy knows she could never be that strong or brave.

Sincerely sissysarasilk


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