Shaving for Mistress

rachel12 | 03.13.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

Since this sissy discovered her true identity she has always wanted to get rid of her horrible dark hairs on her otherwise long shapely legs. Unfortunately this sissy has been prevented from doing this by her Mistress wife who still wanted to use sissy as a real man from time to time. Sissy of course has always obeyed her Mistress without fail but still wanted to feel completely clean and smooth.

This sissy one night asked respectfully her Mistress if she could take over the shaving duties for her Mistress when her Mistress had need for her beauty session. Sissy offered not only to shave her Mistresses legs and underarms but also to apply sweet smelling moisturising cream afterwards. In addition sissy offered to paint her Mistresses toe nails with 1 base coat, 2 main coats and a top coat to finish mistresses pampering session.

Mistress liked the idea and gave me permission to add these activities to my ever increasing list of things to do. Sissy was very careful and did a good job and as a reward mistress gave sissy permission to also shave her legs, toes, underarms and to use hair removing cream in difficult places to get too. Sissy jumped at the opportunity and having practiced so carefully on her Mistress she found it possible to do. Mistress also gave sissy permission to change her usual red nail toe polish to purple to reward sissy for her hard work.

As instructed sissy undertook the shaving in the bath being very careful to shave in the correct direction. Sissy was told by Mistress to buy her own pink razor which she duly did to complete her underarms. As sissy’s legs were slowly revealed, this sissy felt very emotional and needed to wipe away a small tear. Finally one of her last great barriers to being a complete sissy had been removed and sissy from this day forward could improve all her feminine qualities. The lavender moisturising cream smelt simply divine and left sissy’s legs feeling so smooth. Mistress approved of her new sissy’s improvements and enjoyed cuddling up to her in bed that night.

Sissy is now allowed to wear dresses, stockings and open toe shoes now her nasty hair has all been removed but only on the condition sissy takes care of mistresses shaving needs and maintains her painted toe nails to a perfect covering.



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