Learning every step

connielicks | 03.13.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

Servitude to sissy is an amazing feeling. s.he understand that s.he is less than a Woman and certainly no man. The sissy does not want to be an impostor. s.he is low enough on the totem pole, though s.he does enjoy being low on a pole. This sissy never realized how untrained s.he was. the art of even sitting and kneeling was unknown. With practice this sissy is now becoming more feminine, more obedient, and more submissive without even realizing it. The feel of panties on her ass as she sits, how they ride up and carcass her little pussy. This sissy also is trying to add more sway to her hips as she walks. This is a very interesting experience for her as it is very feminine and unnatural at first, s.he can not wait to do it in heels. Curtsies will be practiced daily until it is smooth and natural. sissy is very excited to learn to cook, clean, give massages, or fellatio and cunnilingus. Particularly the last two! Punishment is somewhat fun in it’s own way and it makes sissy happy knowing that Mistress gets pleasure from it. Now sissy will look for many other ways to become more submissive and obedient. Always on the look out for a Woman who needs help in even the smallest way.


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