Aunt Flo

A Difficult Period

renae-2 | 03.15.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Womens Studies

This sissy just experienced her 7th visit from Aunt Flo. She had been rather lax in her past few periods, only wearing feminine pads and drinking lots of water for the 5 days. This time she decided to more fully experience what it is like to be a Real Woman by following more of the instructions from Aunt Flo. Early in the morning of the second day, she took two Correctol tablets and was constantly drinking warm water. By noon she was feeling very bloated and starting to have cramps, the laxative was doing its job. She avoided going to the toilet and decided to take the advice in the email from Aunt Flo: “Curl up on the coach with a warm blanky”. This was on Sunday, when this sissy is required to do most of her house cleaning chores. When Mistress saw this sissy resting with the kitchen still a mess and the vacuuming not done she demanded to know what why i was not working. This sissy explained that it was her time of the month and that the cramps were very bad. Mistress said that often happens and women have to put up with it and this sissy would also learn to put up with it. Mistress had me complete my chores and gave me extra tasks to do as well, keeping me working until sissy had to prepare dinner. The movement doing the chores, all of the water consumed and the laxative resulting in an accident in my panties. This sissy was glad she was wearing the overnight maxipad. Mistress allowed her to clean up, change he pad, drink more water and then get back to her chores.

While she was working, Mistress demanded that sissy show her the instructions from Aunt Flo on how to experience a period (previously Mistress knew that sissy was following menstruation training from The House but She was not involved with it).

On Monday, Mistress had this sissy take a single Correctol tablet before heading off to work. She handed her a little make up kit that contained 4 overnight maxipads, a small jar of strawberry jam (from a hotel room service breakfast) and two plastic clothes pins. Mistress’ said that sissy was to change her pad every 2 hours at work. While in the toilet stall this sissy was to wear the plastic clothes pins on her nipples for at least 5 minutes. At every other pad change, starting with the first one, this sissy was to apply a dollop of the jam to her pad just like the instructions in the email from Aunt Flo. Mistress also reminded me to keep up with the water consumption.

This was one of the most difficult work days this sissy has ever experienced. With all the water consumed and the Correctol, sissy had cramps almost the entire day. It was very difficult to get any work done. It seems like she was spending most of her day in the restroom. Once while this sissy was changing her pad someone came in and used the stall next to hers. She had to wait, with clothes pins clamped to her nipples until they left. The sissy thought that the rustling noise from unwrapping a fresh feminine pad would be too noticeable. The sticky jam left her feeling unclean all day.

When this sissy arrived home she just wanted to go to bed and rest. Mistress insisted that she prepare dinner and do her evening chores. Mistress says if sissy is going to experience what it is truly like to be women, then she will have to learn that sometimes we have very difficult periods with no opportunity to rest and ignore family obligations. Sissy now wishes that Mistress had not read the instructions from Aunt Flo.

Sissy’s fourth day was much like the day before but Mistress did not give sissy any Correctol. Mistress did insist that sissy wear a tight bra to work. Wearing a bra to work is always difficult for sissy, she is constantly aware of it and has to make sure it does not show. By the end of the day, although feeling bloated, messy and miserable, sissy was learning to accept her period as something all women must endure.

On the fifth day, sissy’s period was almost over. She was only required to wear a light pad. When she came home, Mistress had her use one of her Summer’s Eve douches and then take a bath. Sissy finally felt relaxed and clean.

Mistress says she enjoyed helping sissy with her period and wonders if next months will be as difficult as this one. Sissy certainly hopes not. Mistress also mentioned that She wants sissy to be more involved with her own period when it starts in two weeks.

Respectfully submitted, renae




  1. Madame Stewart

    Just think of all those poor Women working thru this without compassion! Knowing this intrinsically will change you. Change you into a sissy who will do her best to help every Woman in need, even before called to duty. All from the comprehension of a ritual. Excellent!

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