sweetheartedjocelyn | 03.21.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

A sissy’s first of everything must feel really special, but she must remember to learn from her experience as well. That’s what this sissy did her best to do while shaving her body smooth. The House and this sissy’s Mistress taught her that a sissy must talk the talk, walk the walk and act the act. From this assignment this sissy learned that, just like shaving, she must apply herself to be the best sissy she can every single day. The House has also taught this sissy how amazing it can feel to further sissify herself. Being smooth felt more wonderful than anything! A great big thank You is in order for The House teaching these lessons so well. Thank You soooo much!

However, The House’s assignment to shave was more time consuming and difficult than this sissy expected. From this she learned to apply her discipline to even the smallest things a sissy is expected to do. Complacency has no right being in a sissy’s heart. A sissy must remain fully committed in all her sissy acts, because she doesn’t do them just for herself (No matter how wonderful they feel). For so kindly teaching her this lesson this sissy is further indebted to The House.

From the assignment this sissy learned that to be a sissy she must fully feel like a sissy, in body and mind. And ultimately, being a sissy should never be easy, and this sissy is so very happy and grateful her Mistress and The House allowed her to learn this lesson early.


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