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This is an excellent Assignment for a “newbie”. This gurl read and re read the lesson material a few times pondering its implication toward he.r formation as a sissy. This gurl was aware of some of the aspects discussed, but was “enlightened” with the practicality of the theories expressed and unaware of some of the other aspects that applied. Servitude is truly “in the mind” yet as expressed in the training… “its foundation (or lack thereof) shows through in everything” we as a sissy do. One thing that became surprisingly evident to this gurl was that s.he could practice this most important aspect of being a sissy without a Superior’s guidance, as he.r S.O. does not condone or participates in this girl’s sissy needs! This gurl CAN practice her feminine poise and development under cover… and it may even benefit he.r S.O. without even knowing it.

This gurl has many years of bad “old male habits” that need to be annihilated and knows that s.he will find the development and guidance in the House Community. Doing he.r assignments and cheerfully following orders of the Staff without questioning the reasoning of he.r Superiors. s.he knows that s.he cannot profess to BE a sissy without backing it up by he.r actions in support of he.r desire to be one.

Fortunately this gurl already has some of vital skills to be a good servant, but knows s.he can still do better. S.he currently does cook and clean for he.r S.O., but a lot can be done with a better attitude and poise.

This gurl knows it is important to keep up he.r appearances. As s.he writes he.r report s.he sits tucked and plugged in he.r panties. Being yearning in chastity and feeling of the tuck and plug enhances the feminine “feel”. With respect to being chaste, it really curbs the male psyche and really strengthens the desire to “be” a girl.

A sissy is neither a Woman or a man. Sissies are lower in social stature to the Superior Female and the lesser superior male. Thus… being at the bottom of the human social ladder, it is important that the sissy be “true” to he.rself and he.r behavioral qualities. Without those, s.he is even less, and nothing but an arrogant, egocentric imposter.

This gurl loves he.r panties and girly things. S.he wears panties everyday under he.r everyday man clothes. This gurl loves leggings. Leggings are he.r weakness! When s.he is at the mall, and sees a real girl in leggings s.he just melts inside, and can’t wait to wear he.r leggings when he.r S.O. is not around. It is fun to dress girly!

This gurl will walk, kneel and sit in a feminine manner, and work to enhance these behaviors. S.he didn’t realize that punishment may also be administered at the whim and pleasure of the Superior, and now knows to cheerfully accept punishment as it may be for those reasons. S.he continues to behave in a manner to avoid punishment, but know there are other reasons for it, and to cheerfully accept that.

Woman Studies are important to continue he.r development, in order to anticipates the needs of he.r Superiors, and s.he promises to continue to work to that endeavor.


Update: The best results of training are by “doing” … walking the talk. This gurl has started to be more domestic. s.he has started by wiping down the shower after he.r and S.O.’s use. This is something s.he absolutely absolutely hates to do… yuky! But has decided to do this from now on as part of being more responsive in a sissy way to he.r new lifestyle commitment. Even though he.r S.O. is straight and does not know or condone such behavior (being a sissy) on this gurl’s part, it IS as way to be a sissy, and live the lifestyle in a stealth respectful manner. he.r S.O. benefits (unknowingly) and s.he benefits because s.he knows s.he is “living” her commitment. When s.he finished this task, s.he felt very submissive and a slight tingle in he.r clitty, knowing s.he did what was expected of he.r. s.he knows that this is only a very very small baby step in the right direction of her formation, and s.he hopes that by doing this and reporting it to he.r Superiors, s.he will show he.r intent to be a good gurl. It is a start…


  1. danigurl

    Thank You Ms. Stewart [curtsy] for you generous score of this gurl’s very first report. s.he appreciates Your valuable time in grading the report, and appreciates your comments regarding the addition of photographic evidence in subsequent reports. This gurl will definitely strive, and do he.r best to maintain getting a (5) rating. Again… Thank You very much. [deep respectful bow]
    dani [curtsy with a pleasant smile]

  2. Madame Stewart

    I don’t often give 5 Princess Points without photographic documentation, but your understanding of the Topic, and your intention and application (including giving Us an update) warranted it. Next time I want to see some photos of your service in action.

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