sissy’s third period

shannon-spencer | 05.28.2016 | Reports - Womens Studies

One thing that this sissy continues to have a harder time with is h*er period 🙁

This sissy believes it is more of the “I can’t believe women have to go thru this, this is horrible” but nonetheless, it does not get easier!

Yesterday brought the start of this sissy’s third period, luckily s*he was prepared from the having pads & tampons on hand so s*he didn’t have to scramble for this, but sissy was not prepared for the cramps, OMG, the cramps 🙁

sissy went to the drugstore this morning and got some suppositories a fleet enema and some midol.

At lot of time on the toiletHow embarassing, this sissy picked up the suppositories and the enema, of course the aisle was the one facing the pharmacist and of course the pharmacist was cute!!! sissy was wearing panties (of course, male underwear, not sure what that is anymore!) – but they were more granny panties as they are tight and not flattering but keep the obnoxioulsy large pad in place along with a size-to-small bra along with nipple clamps (torturous as they rub up against the back of the bra and send singes of pain thru the nipple and body).

To the most embarassing part though, sissy could not find the midol – after much looking in the feminine hygeine aisle, s*he could not find it and it was busier than busy, s*he dediced s*he would have to ask the cute pharmacist, suppositories & enema in hand!!!!

The pharmacist came around and took sissy to the pain reliever asile and picked up the midol but said, “if you want to save a bit, go with the generic” and handed me that. Between all the girls in the feminine hygeine aisle who you have to think are also experiencing their period (and wondering if they were wearing a pad or a tampon – this sissy had both, after all, s*he wanted to be protected) and interacting with the cute pharmacist, what a morning!

Fast forward to this afternoon, as sissy writes this, s*he is laying down as the cramps are soooo bad 🙁 Between constantly drinking water from her Vicky Secret PINK water bottle – which by the way, LOVE that store and the water bottle mkes you suck on the knob to get water out, so practice 😉 – and the the now two suppositories kept in by the ever-expanding tampon, this g*irl is in pain

Not to mention the stickyness and ickyness of the large pad, smeared in strawberry jelly, feeling it at every step and god forbid sitting down and hoping that it does not leak anywhere 🙁

So in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt this g*irl just wants to go to sleep but given all the water and coffee s*he has been drinking, that is not going to happen! Even sissy’s hair, currently in a pony, is an annonyance.

5 more days of this, ugh, how do Women go thru this and how is this sissy going to handle this EVERY month??? The price to look, smell and exute femininity this sissy supposes…

humbly on the rag,
one cramped up sissy


  1. jamieky2

    This sissy is on the second day of her fourth period and is finding it becoming more routine (although sill inconvenient and uncomfortable). After experimenting during her first three periods, this sissy has selected Tampax Pearl Super Plus as her tampon of choice. She changes them regularly every 3-5 hours. She uses nipple clamps for 30 minutes every morning and then applies icy hot to keep the nipples sore. She drinks gallons of green tea and will use a suppository or Correctol at some point during the period to induce extra cramping. At the end of the period she will take a nice warm bubble bath (my favorite part). Sissy Jamie

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