Aunt Flo

A Surprise Period

renae-2 | 05.19.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Womens Studies

This sissy just got her email from Aunt Flo. She was reminded that she had not reported on her previous surprise period.

That previous visit from Aunt Flo arrived unexpectedly when sissy checked her email at work. For all earlier visits from Aunt Flo, sissy’s period always started on a Saturday. This gave sissy time on the weekend to handle all the symptoms that Aunt Flo brings. This time, Aunt Flo arrived two days early and sissy was not prepared. She texted her Mistress Wife (who has taken a more active role in sissy’s feminine training) and Mistress said that sissy needed to either borrow some feminine protection from one of the women at the office or go out to buy some right away. This sissy was far too embarrassed to ask any of the women so she went shopping. Sissy remembered to bring her backpack to hide the feminine pads when returning to the office. Once back in the office, sissy went to the restroom, applied one of the pads to his panties and started her water consumption.

In the evening, Mistress scolded this sissy for not being prepared for her period. Mistress had the sissy register at to track her cycle. The site will email reminders of upcoming periods and this sissy is to start carrying feminine protection with her when she gets the reminder.

Each morning of the remaining 4 days, Mistress would inspect sissy before she left for work to make sure she was wearing her feminine pad. Mistress insists that sissy only use the bulky over night pads so she would be constantly reminding that she was on her period. Mistress always made sure that sissy had a plenty of extra pads and her small plastic clothespins for her nipples. Every time this sissy changes her pad, she is to apply the clothes pins for at least 5 minutes before leaving the restroom stall.

While this period was not as bad as this sissy’s previous one, it was not easy. This sissy was worried that her coworkers were noticing how often she went to the restroom and how much time she was spending in there. And by the end of the day, sissy’s nipples were feeling very sore and sensitive.

Having your period is not an enjoyable event but this sissy is learning to appreciate what women have to go through for most of their adult life. This sissy wants to thank the House of Sissify and especially her Mistress Wife for giving her this humbling and educational experience.

Respectfully submitted,



  1. Madame Stewart

    It’s so wonderful to have your Superior involved in your Training honey. The House does track your visits from Auntie and notifies you – but they modulate just like your period should and cannot be “tracked”. (You NEVER know when Aunt Flo will show!) I would recommend connecting your visit with your Superior for that extra connection.

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