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Masturbation 101 and he.r first Special Day

danigurl | 05.28.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - sissySexuality

This gurl had the opportunity to read Masturbation 101 prior to celebrating her “Special Bi Monthly Day”, that was graciously granted by he.r Superiors on the Control Board of Masturbation. Again s.he humbly expresses thanks to he.r Superiors. [curtsy]

It was interesting that s.he learned that Masturbation is a natural human process for “self love” and was designed to derive great pleasure for the recipient doing it. In the case of the Superior Female, and the lesser superior alpha male this is true, that this act render for as long as possible during the process great pleasure, and to be savored and enjoyed just for the sake of the pleasure itself. However for the sissy, this process, although pleasurable, was primarily designed to be functional rather than pleasurable. Functional in that it is a process to get the sissy to ejaculate he.r cum as quick as possible. The pleasure was only a secondary side effect, but not really necessary.

s.he utilized the Basic Masturbation technique that was outlined in the tutorial. Stroking the base with downward thrusts, and avoiding touching the “magic hot spot” at the top under side of the clitty just below the mushroom cap. This is a manner of masturbating completely different from what this gurl has known before. In utilizing the prescribed basic technique, s.he came fairly quickly, while maintaining relative semi hard or soft (however one would want to call it. No full erection was achieved. When s.he came s.he caught her cum in a silver plated cum bowl and then promptly consumed all the cum, by scooping it up with the two fingers the did the masturbation and putting the cum in he.r mouth, savoring the flavor and consistency before swallowing it all.

s.he also found that in performing masturbation in this manner, the typical post O down time was only about half as much as usual, and that very shortly after s.he was horny as ever – almost as if s.he had not cum. During the down time s.he recommitted he.rself to sissiness, by thinking about her pretty panties and how this training is contributing to he.r formation as a sissy. s.he now looks forward to doing it again on he.r next “Special Day” It truly enforces he.r formation.


  1. Madame Stewart

    “the typical post O down time was only about half as much as usual…… During the down time s.he recommitted he.rself to sissiness”

    Bingo! That is exactly what your Staff is looking for in your Assignment honey. Great job!

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