A sissy serves her Superior

Servitude Update

danigurl | 05.19.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship


The best results of training are by “doing” … walking the talk. This gurl has started to be more domestic. s.he has started by wiping down the shower after he.r and h.er S.O.’s use. This is something s.he absolutely absolutely hates to do… yuky! But has decided to do this from now on as part of being more responsive in a sissy way to he.r new lifestyle commitment. Even though he.r S.O. is straight and does not know or condone such behavior (being a sissy) on this gurl’s part, it IS as way to be a sissy, and live the lifestyle in a stealth respectful manner. he.r S.O. benefits (unknowingly) and s.he benefits because s.he knows s.he is “living” her commitment. When s.he finished this task, s.he felt very submissive and a slight tingle in he.r clitty, knowing s.he did what was expected of he.r. s.he knows that this is only a very very small baby step in the right direction of her formation, and s.he hopes that by doing this and reporting it to he.r Superiors, s.he will show he.r intent to be a good gurl. It is a start…


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