Elementary Masturbation
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Dear Mistresses,

Today was this sissy’s special day — the very first one the House allowed he.r to milk he.r sissy clitty! Thank You so much, Dear Mistresses!

Over the past week, this sissy (which used to masturbate every day) had grown increasingly aroused, especially with the constant reminder of he.r tucked sissy ovaries. On Friday, just before the Board told this sissy which days s.he could drain he.r male fluid, s.he was so excited s.he couldn’t find sleep. he.r sissy clitty kept getting engorged for no reason, and tried to free itself, unsuccessfully, from the tight embrace of her tiny thong.

This sissy knew s.he was not allowed to cum, and was afraid even to move, as s.he felt that just caressing the skin above he.r tucked ovaries could bring he.r to the edge. Yet s.he had also read that a sissy ought to get used to the taste of semen, something s.he had always found repulsive. So, taking great care not to touch he.rself, s.he found the bottom of he.r panties, where the head of he.r sissy clitty had been oozing precum for hours. s.he dipped her fingers in the wetness on the thong, and brought it to her lips… It tasted divine.

This sissy remained aroused for the rest of the night, and the following day too. This felt like torture, not being able to touch he.rself — but he.r little sissy clitty didn’t belong to he.r anymore, it was the Mistresses’ property now, and he.r sweet pain was here to remind he.r of it. This sissy felt so helpless then, and completely reliant on the Mistresses… and the thought made he.r even more aroused.

As soon as the Masturbation Board gave he.r he.r allocated days, this sissy carefully read Their instructions and set to purchase the additional items mentioned in the Assignment: a brassiere, heels, and several butt plugs to start he.r training. s.he was actually in a lingerie shop when the Approved Fantasy of the day arrived, and s.he added a garter belt and stockings, and a good-sized dildo to match the fantasy.

s.he prepared herself as soon as s.he arrived home: s.he took a shower to be fresh and smell like a little raspberry, put on some perfumed body oil that s.he loves, and then donned the lingerie s.he had bought.

The feeling of nylons against he.r shaved legs was almost overwhelming, and he.r little sissy clitty started oozing precum immediately. Quickly, this sissy finished he.r preparations and went to lie on the bed in the position of the Approved Fantasy: stretched out on he.r back, with a plug in he.r sissy cunt, and the dildo in he.r mouth.

Using only two fingers as instructed, s.he was so aroused by now that s.he reached orgasm in only a few strokes. As s.he had prepared he.rself with the precum — and s.he didn’t want to make a mess on the bed! — s.he dipped her index in he.r cum immediately, and proceeded to suck it all.

Strangely, it didn’t feel as repulsive as in the past. In fact, it tasted good — like a delicate seafood dish, akin maybe to oysters. This sissy felt foolish for not starting to drink it earlier!

Then, the ebb of sissy sentiment arrived, but the House had warned this sissy to prepare something girly to fight this urge. So, removing her clothes, s.he slipped into a cute, lacy night gown that s.he had purchased on the day, at the lingerie shop. s.he washed by hand her soiled garter belt, and cleaned her bedroom. The s.he tried to see if s.he could get aroused again, as instructed in the Assignment, but no. So, now feeling all girly again, s.he retucked herself, and came to bed to write this report.

Thank You very much again for this assignment, Dear Mistresses!

sissy alexandra


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